7 Theories for GoT Season 7

There are many theories floating out there and now is the time to place your bets on the ones that will come to pass. Here are my top 7 theories for the current season of Game of Thrones.

1. Bran let’s the Night’s King past the Wall.

During season six, we saw the Night’s King enter the Three-Eyed Raven’s home. He was unable to do so beforehand because of a magical barrier/spell — this was broken once Bran was marked in a vision/dream. The Wall has a similar enchantment. Since Bran has traveled beyond  The Wall in the first episode of season 7 still marked, that will surely break the spell and give the Night’s King a way out of the north.  Get ready for a battle.

2. Gentry Returns

Silence has been a deafening thing when it comes to Gentry.  By mid-season he will be in Winterfell helping Jon and the others.  He knows who is father is, Robert Baratheon.  He will find out who his mother is when they meet on the battlefield in season 8.

4. Littlefinger dies

Littlefinger has told Sansa his dream; ruler of the Iron Throne with her by his side.  Now he will take steps to undermine Jon’s position as King of the North so that Sansa can be seen as the true ruler of Winterfell and the North.   This will lead Sansa herself to kill Littlefinger.

5. Nymeria Returns

Due to season 8 only lasting half a season, I predict that Arya will have need of Nymeria and her return will happen before season 7 ends.  While traveling on Kingsroad, Nymeria will remind Arya that she is a Stark and Stark’s are made for the north.  Both will then return home to Winterfell.

6. Sansa betrays Jon

Both characters have become strong leaders but don’t see eye to eye on all things.  As tensions mount and Cersei moves towards the Wall, Sansa will take matters into her own hands when Jon doesn’t take Cersei’s threats as personally causing Jon to fight two battles at the same time, Cersei and the Night’s King.

7. Jon’s true name will be revealed 

Bastards cannot inherit titles or lands.  Jon has proved by his actions that he is the true King of the North but how will he win support to finally end Cersei?  His name. He is after all a Targaryen. 
What are your Game of Thrones Season 7 predictions?

Georgia Cyclone

If you have been to Six Flags of Georgia since 1990 you have seen the first roller coaster on the right when you walk in the gate, the Georgia Cyclone.

Sadly this iconic ride will soon be over.  July 30, 2017 will be the last day to ride this wonderful ride.  

First modeled after the Coney Island Cyclone, actually a mirror image, the Georgia Cyclone has been a staple for all park goers these last 27 years.  It is the fourth oldest coaster still active at this park.    

Don’t miss your chance.

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Weird Couple’s Conversations 

My husband and I very rarely enjoy a night out with just the two of us.  Our 10 year old son is on vacation with his grandparents for the month of July so I thought we would treat ourselves to a night out. And this is how I let him know of my plans.
Wife: We are going out to eat tonight.

Husband: With who? (He looks puzzled already)

Wife: With Me!  Who did you think was going?  I mean it’s not like we have many friends.

Husband: I didn’t know if you have met someone new.

Wife: Where would l meet someone new that I would like to take to dinner?

Husband: I don’t know, just out and about.

Wife: Who would I meet anyways? What, like my next husband?  

Husband: Maybe. (Now he is laughing)

Wife:  Like a vetting process?

Husband: Perhaps.
I’m not quite sure what he was thinking but the fact that after this many years we can still joke and have a good time is a blessing. Most people wouldn’t get our humor. 

Spotting the Right Twin

Don’t you hate when twins play the same part in a movie and you don’t know which one is in your favorite scene?

Let’s take a look at one famous show and see if we can spot the differences.  Read to the bottom to check and see how well you can spot the real twin.

Full House is a show that most people watched, or at least know of, from the late ’80’s to early ’90’s.  The twins in question are none other than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  Perhaps two of the most famous twins in the world for their books, clothing line, movies and more.

Credited as one person during season one of the show, “Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen”, most people didn’t even know that Michelle Tanner was played by two actors.  

Spot the differences:

Mary-Kate is left handed while Ashley is right handed.  

Mary-Kate is normally the one who does the crazy dance.

Ashley has larger eyes that are closer together than Mary-Kate.

Look closely and you will spot a freckle under Ashley’s nose.

One characteristic of Mary-Kate’s that can be hard to spot is that she has a slightly larger head than Ashley.
Other fun facts-

  1. It is said that in season one, Mary-Kate was used more often due to the fact Ashley cried when she was put on set for a scene.
  2. Ashley is two minutes older than Mary-Kate.
  3. They were just 9 months old when filming began for Full House.
  4. Even though they are fraternal and not identical twins, most people could not tell them apart on Full House.
  5. They are now worth $400 million (reported by Bankrate).

TEST: Besides Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin, which Olsen twin is in this picture from back in the day?

Ice: Swords in Game of Thrones

Sword Name: Ice

Material: Valerian Steel

Maker:  Valyrian Freehold

Owner: House Stark/Ned Stark/Ilyn Payne/Tywin Lannister

Pasted down from generation to generation, Ice is the great sword of House Stark.  It was the largest sword that I can find in Game of Thrones.  Intended for Brandon Stark, Ice was passed down from Rickard Stark to his second oldest son Ned Stark after his father and brother were sentenced to death by the Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen.  Ned then became the Lord of Winterfell and King of the North.

We first see Ice out on a grassy hillside at the beheading of a Night’s Watchmen who abandoned his post.  Here is the first time Bran Stark sees the true meaning of being a Lord and the responsibility that can not be pushed off on someone else:  This was not the first kill made with this sword and it won’t be the last.

Later in season one, Ned is accused of betraying the King. Littlefinger betrays him in search of more power and status. King Joffrey sentences Ned to death in front of a large crowd and in a cord of irony Ser Ilyn Payne beheads him with his own sword, Ice.  Both of his daughters are there to see the beheading and sparks a fire of revenge towards the Lannister’s that will last the rest of the series.  Due to Ned’s betrayal, Ice is kept in King’s Landing dishonoring House Stark.  It is not seen again until season 4.

Tywin Lannister finally decides the fate of Ice as it is melted and reforged into two swords, later to become Oathbreaker and Widow’s Wail.  To add insult to injury, he burns the wolf pelt scabbard that Ice was kept in.

Tywin gifts the first sword to Jaime Lannister who is told that the owner no longer needed it when asked how his father came into the Valarian steel. He later gave this sword to Brienne of Tarth for protection in her search of Sansa Stark.  Brienne names the sword “Oathbreaker” to remember her promise to Catelyn Stark.

Given as a wedding present, King Joffrey, a Lannister, is the recipient of the second sword.  It is not clear if Joffrey knows the heritage of his new sword but names it “Widow’s Wail” so he “can be reminded of cutting off Ned Starks head” every time he uses it.

Oathbreaker, in season six, is now protecting Starks once again.  Once finding Sansa, Brienne lays it at her feet and swore an oath in which Sansa accepts.  Widow’s Wail has not been seen in a while and it’s location is unknown.

What is your favorite Game of Thrones sword?

Needle: Swords in Game of Thrones

Sword Name: Needle

Owner: Arya Stark

Material: Castle-forge Steel

Maker: Mikken 

Forged at Winterfell as a gift for Ayra Stark.  She was just 11 years old when her half-brother Jon Snow gave it to her right before leaving for the Wall and Night’s Watch duty.

Jon wanted something to fit Arya’s stature and designed a thin, light sword.  Arya had never wanted to be a “lady” and was even the one to name her sword.

“Sansa can keep her sewing needles, I’ve got a needle of my own.” [1]

It is at King’s Landing where Arya learns to “water dance”, a series of quick steps and jabbing with the sword, much like fencing.  Her teacher, Syrio Forel, is a master swordsman from the isles of Braavos.

Arya’s first kill come when she and Sansa are leaving King’s Landing in haste after her father’s arrest.  After stumbling across the ransacked carriage, Arya starts to dig in her trunk for Needle when a stable boy grabs her and in the struggle the blade accidentally runs him through.  Startled, Arya runs.

Finding herself watching her father’s beheading, Arya starts to draw Needle from its sleath but she is headed off by a knight’s watch recruiter, Yoren.  Yoren then pretends she is a boy named “Arry” to keep her safe and get her out of the city.  They keep this charade up while on the way back north to Winterfell. Here she meets Gentry, who is a blacksmith apprentice that asks her is she stole Needle noticing its is castle forged steel.  Gentry is curious when “Arry” said it was a gift.

Yoren and his men are attacked by Lannister’s men at the Riverlands.  Captives are escorted to Harrenhall after Yoren is killed.  Polliver takes Needle from Arya and  kills Lommy Greenhands by stabbing the boy through the neck.  

Arya, while with the Hound, runs into Polliver and hatches a plan to get Needle back.  He Hound doesn’t agree but when Arya makes her move he has no choice but to help her out.  He fights Polliver. Arya, having recovered Needle, kills Polliver and leaves with the Hound.

Her next kill, number 3 with Needle if you are keeping track, is Rorge whom the Hound and Arya meet on the road.  Rorge threatened Arya back when they were with Yoren and after the Hound gets his name Arya stabs him in the chest.

After that Arya hides Needle in rocks when trying to start a new life so that no one could recognize her.  She leaves Needle and will not come back for it for some time.

Arya in trouble comes back for Needle and lures the Waif to a cave/room.  She kills her in the dark after putting out a candle showing how far her skills have come.

Arya and Needle’s journey is far from over. What is next for the pair?  Could a triple threat be involved when Nameria comes back into the picture?

*This is a show summary only.  

Game of Thrones: Book vs Show S1E4

Season 1, Episode 4: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things
First Aired: May 8, 2011
This is not a summary of the show and/or book but a comparison to see how the books were written verse how they are portrayed in the show.

Changes to the story:

  1. Bran’s dream of the three eyes crow.
  2. Jorah reveals that his wife is with another man.  If this is such a big deal to put in the show then why is it not in the book?
  3. Viserys describes the dragon skulls at the Red Keep to Dany’s servant/his whore.
  4. Sansa is shown the iron throne and claims she is still mad at her father.  This is the first look at the iron throne.
  5. Ned Stark’s man comes to deliver a message to Robert but finds Jaime Lannister waiting outside the door listening to Robert and his whores.  He walks away without delivering his message.  Could this have contained infomation about his bastard?
  6. Jon and Sam talk about being virgins.  Jon explains that he doesn’t know his mother and that she could be a whore.
  7. Littlefinger explains the story to Sansa about the Hound scars.  Instead, in the book the Hound recounts what happened to Sansa and she starts to feel differently for him.  Compassion instead of fear.
  8. The queen visits Ned Stark.  It was extreme to ask that Lady, Sansa’s dire wolf, be killed. She then asks why he took Robert offer becaus all he would do would be to pick up the pieces after Robert did what he wanted.  Ned responded the he was trained to hill his enemies, the Queen said so was she.
Key scenes missing from the Show:
  1. Bran’s predictions that the children of the forest will help Uncle Benjen.
  2. Jon telling Sam he dreams of the crypts at Winterfell and how he screams that he is not a Stark but continues downwards into the dark until he awakens.
  3. Jon Arryn and Stannis Baratheon used to visit a brothel.  Was there another reason other than the normal reason to do this?
  4. The feast after the tourney day in which Joffrey showers Sansa with attention.
  5. Jorah explains to Dany that Drogo thinks of her as a gift in which one should be given in return.  However, you do not demand a gift especially from a Khal.

There are other missing scenes but are not critical to the flow of the story.

Other information:  We are introduced to Samwell Tarly, who is 15 years old in the book but 18 in the show.

This episode includes the chapters Bran IV, Eddard V, Jon IV, Eddard VI, Catelyn V, Sansa II, Daenerys IV (Chapters 24-29 & 36) from the book Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. Point of views have been swapped around in the timeline of the show.

I am using a guide to help determine which chapters to stop at for this blog as I don’t want to read too far ahead.  You can find the guide I am using at Chapter Guide.

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Game of Thrones: Book vs Show S1E3

Season 1, Episode 3: Lord Snow
First Aired: May 1, 2011
This is not a summary of the show and/or book but a comparison to see how the books were written verse how they are portrayed in the show.

Changes to the story:

  1. Jaime is waiting for Ned in the throne room.  They talk about Ned’s father and brother who were murdered by the Mad King.  Ned tells Jaime that he served him well when it is safe.
  2. The Queen bandages up Joffrey’s arm and tells him that “someday you will sit on the throne and the truth will be what you make it”.  This points that the way Joffrey is brought up and why he acts the way he does, a spoiled brat.  She then asks him what would he do if he were King. His responds is that he would double taxes and build an army.  He would also take Winterfell and put in someone loyal to the crown.  Cersei informs him that the north can never be held by and outsider.
  3. Ned gets a raven from Winterfell about Bran.
  4. Jaime and Cersie talk about Bran.  Shows that they still have ears at Winterfell.  Jaime says that if Bran talks he will kill him.
  5. The King talks about his first kill. When Jaime is asked to join the conversation he tells of his first kill and what the Mad King’s last words were, “Burn them all.”
  6. Benjen is still at the wall after the news of Bran.  By this time in the book he has already be reported missing from his ranging duties.
  7. It is revealed that Jorah’s father is still alive.
Key scenes missing from the Show:
  1. Just as a little back history. The wall is older than the 7 Kingdoms. There are 3 strongholds still being used at the wall; Castle Black, Eastwatch and Shadow Tower. This is not needed at this time in the story but is just nice to help set the scene.
  2. Arya gets sent to her room, Sansa is quick to follow before either learn of the tourney.
  3. Ned tells Arya that she has “the wolf blood” just like her Uncle Brandon and Aunt Lyanna causing both of their early deaths.  Could this be a clue as to what will happen to Arya later in the show?
  4. Maester Aemon tells Tyrion Lannister that he is “a giant come among us, here at the end of the world.”
  5. Because Benjen has only just left in the show, Jon Snow never tells Tyrion that if he doesn’t come back soon that he and Ghost will go after him showing just how naïve he really is.
  6. Just as a little back history.  Old Nan was the wet nurse to Brandon Stark, Bran’s Great Uncle (Grandfather’s Brother).  She is very old that all of her children have lived and died.  This may not be a big thing because it was not used in the show but I wonder if she is someone or something else to have lived this long.

There are other missing scenes but are not critical to the flow of the story.

This episode includes the chapters Catelyn IV, Jon III, Eddard IV, Tyrion III, Arya II, Daenerys III, and Bran IV (Chapters 18-24) from the book Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. Point of views have been swapped around in the timeline of the show.

I am using a guide to help determine which chapters to stop at for this blog as I don’t want to read too far ahead.  You can find the guide I am using at Chapter Guide.

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Hugo Boss, Armani, Prada, Tom Ford, Dolce and Gabbana, etc…    The list goes on and on but that is not the suits I am talking about. If you have never heard of USA Network’s tv show Suits, then you about to get hooked.

Best things about Suits:

  1. Binge watch to help you through Game of Thrones withdrawals.  You can even spot some familiar faces of GoT later in the series.  How many GoT faces have been on the show?
  2. If you are a music, movie, tv show enthusiast then you have come to the right place.  Not only do they quote favorite movie lines, they take a page right out of its playbook for cases.  Can you catch all the references?
  3. Meghan Markle.  If you are wondering why this name rings a bell then look no farther than the Prince of England himself.  The woman we have all come to know as Rachel Zane on the show has been dating Prince Harry since 2016.  Wedding date predictions anyone?
  4. Best bromance in recent tv history.  Never have we seen two characters who learn, adapt, and mimic each other so fluently.  Harvey has placed himself in the older brother shoes while showing Mike how the law world works.  And just when we are getting comfortable Mike will switch the roles and we see more into the minds of the characters.  What is your favorite bromance?
  5. Powerful female leads.  This show would not be the same without Gina Torres (Jessica),  Meagan Markle (Rachel), and Sarah Rafferty (Donna).  Each one brings a different aspect to the team, but all are determined to get what they want.  Who is your favorite female lead?

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    Posh Smashing Good Pumpkin Face Mask Review

    I bought this from a friend at an online party a few months ago but can’t remember ever trying it before.   Due to over a month of breakouts, I decided to give it a try.

    I washed my face prior with Neutrogena face wash, my daily face wash.  I then applied the product to my whole face.  The product recommended to wash off after 15 minutes.  I made it 6 minutes before I couldn’t take it any longer!  

    I washed my face to find I had what looked like a sunburn.  Extremely hot and red.  I washed my face again with face wash to make sure I got all of the mask in case of an allergic reaction.  My husband told me it looked like I was in that scene from the movie Face Off. If you have seen it then you know what I mean.

    After 2 hours the heat started to fade and my color started to return to normal.  I, of course, googled to see if this is common and I found that it was.  The ingredients in the mask activates new skin growth by bringing blood to that area.  This is the cause for the redness and rise in temperatures.  

    My face is super smooth but I will have to check on acne changes over the next few days.  I can not see how the benefits could outweigh the possibility of permanent skin damage.  I could NOT recommend this to anyone or at least not before any big event. To do this up to three times a week, as the tube claims, would be horrible.