He Did What??

IMG_1784So Friday my son had a book reading party in his 4th grade class at school. On the way over to the school I got a phone call from his assistant principal telling me that we had a problem. My son had KICKED his teacher in the ribs!!

This shocked me because he has never done anything like this. My son has anger problems but it normally only leads to vocal outbursts.

She told me that he was playing tag and jumped up on the base. He accidentally knocked a few of the kids down in the process. The teacher went over there to make sure that everything was all right and when she reached her hand down to help him up it happened.

When I got to school we had a meeting with my son and the assistant principal as well as my dad, who had come along with me for the party. They said that they would not be able to allow him to go back to class that day and that he would also be suspended for one day.

Here’s the thing, while sitting there talking to us he started to cry and said “I need help, I can’t control it,” meaning his anger. Let’s just say that we are now actively looking for a good psychologist in our area.


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