Opinion on an Article: “Amen”

I recently had a post pop-up on my Facebook feed that a friend had shared. The post was titled “Here’s the Reason why you shouldn’t type “Amen” on a Facebook post” on the site Bright Side. It talked about the consequences of posting or sharing posts from somebody’s Facebook page that you do not know.


No, I’m not one of these people that goes around sharing everything that I see or find on the internet. I did find this article interesting though. It gave me a new perspective on how thieves steal your information.  
When you LIKE, COMMENT, and/or SHARE posts, unless they are personal friends, you don’t know who’s really behind the profiles.  By doing this you are putting money right into their pockets and encouraging them to post more, creating more opportunities to steal personal information from others.

It’s called click bait and if you have searched the internet for something you have probably been a victim at one point in time. I can’t tell you how many times a day I get a new friend request from fake accounts and I must report them and contact that friend who’s information was stolen.

My advice is if you read an article that you think it’s interesting and newsworthy, something that you want to share with your friends, why not pick up the phone and call them? Actually communicate and have a decent conversation by letting them know what’s going on with you and your interests. By doing this nobody can steal your information, gets hacked, or lose their privacy.

*Yes, I did think it was funny how many people were liking and sharing this article.


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