Meet the dogs

© thejoyeffect

 Daisy May is our 5 year old Pitbull who is sweet to us but timid unless you come up in our yard, she is very protective. She constantly walks around with her tail between her legs. Being the only dog of ours that know commands, she is the only one who listens when we tell her to do something. However, she can’t stand if I go out walking without her because that’s OUR time.

© thejoyeffect

Jace is our 8 year old Walker. He is a UKC Grand Show Champion. Never have a met a dog that just wanted to be loved on. He is always in a hurry to get wherever you are taking him and if you are not watching, can pull you where ever he wants to go.

© thejoyeffect

Finally there is Blue, our 12 year old Boston Terrier. He hates thunderstorms, loves to share whatever you are eating, loves snuggling and is almost completely blind. This is the only dog we have inside. He spends his days napping in the sun or on the couch. At night you can find him snuggled deep in the covers of my son’s bed.


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