What My Morning Looks Like

As a morning person my start day starts at 5:50 AM. I am up getting my son out of bed so that he can get ready for school. I have to asked 2-3 times “Did you walk the dog?” knowing full well that he has not. I then check his teeth, clothes, and make sure he has deodorant on before he is off to the bus stop, a.k.a. our driveway.

Next up is my husband who is a night person. His alarm is set for the same time mine is but I must be the only one who hears it.  After 20 minutes of constantly braiding him to get out of bed he is up and out the door by 6:45 am.

Now it’s me time. I get up and check my online business to see what’s new for the day before heading out the door. 

What is my mode of transportation you ask? A four wheeler.  It is now time to go feed the baby calves. Rover is almost 5 months old, Freckles is 3 months old, and Hennessey is 2 1/2 months old. I love farm life.

© thejoyeffect

Back at the house, I am starting a load of dishes, laundry, making beds, and picking up the living room.  I then finish my morning off with a little me time, searching for my next blog, preparing myself for the start of another hectic afternoon.


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