Daughters and Fathers

My husband had found these cool tile boards when cleaning out an old museum for work a few years ago.  We weren’t sure what the original use for them were but they already had the perfect squares for a chess board.  

So my dad is a BIG Florida Gators fan.  I painted one up and gave it to him last year. He was so excited because we give him a hard time every time FLA and UGA play.  I didn’t have chess pieces for it but I thought he could pick some out later.

Well it has been almost a year now since I gave him the board.  His birthday is next week and I thought “What do you give a man who has everything?”.  Chess pieces.  I jumped on Amazon and in no time they where delivered to my door. 

I remember fondly how he taught me how to play when I was younger and would always take the time to tell me when I had made a wrong move so that I wouldn’t put myself in Check Mate.  He would later tell me that I gave him a “run for his money” once I fully understood the game.

I let him open his present a few days early and like a kid at Christmas he wanted to play immediately.  The game is now tied, 1-1 and he can’t wait for another re-match!


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