Growing Up Last

When you are the youngest child with siblings spread out at a good gap in age, it is hard to know when you have finally “grown up”.

My family is one of few with an intact parent marriage.  My mother and father have been married for 45 years.  I have two sisters and one brother ranging in age of 44 to 29, including myself.  

My brother, who is the eldest, was married for the first time when I was 6 or 7.  I don’t remember a lot of him at home because he is fifteen years older than me and we never shared that sibling kinship that you always hear about.  He since and re-married to my neighbor and lives across the street from me.  We, however, do not share a closeness that I would love to.

My oldest sister, who is eleven years my senior, had her first child when I was 8.  I don’t remember her living at home either, she moved out when she was 15.  She was married a few years later and moved almost an hour and a half away.  When I graduated high school, she had moved back by this point, I started working at the family business right beside her.  This is when our relationship grew.  I wasn’t mature enough to understand everything that was going on in her life but we got along.  I now feel like we have a bond that can not be broken.  She feels more like a friend than a sister, someone I choose to hang out with and not just obligated to because we share blood.

My next sister was the only one that I can remember the petty fights siblings have when you live together.  She is four years older than I and she never let me forget it.  We also worked together and shared all the details of our lives.  But after having gastric surgery a few years ago that all changed.  She is now a snob about all the weight she lost and has no time for anyone but herself.   

In 2006 all three sisters had babies, no, there was not something in the water.  My eldest sister’s daughter was first to be born in August followed by my son in September and my other sister’s son in November.  They were like triplets. 

Since then I can look back and see how I have grown up, though, it is very hard to see when you are in the process.  You think everyone just liked to tell you what to do or say.  I was never wild and crazy, just nieve.  

Now I am looking at taking on the world.  Who’s with me?


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