Broken Toes

As a child the only bone I ever broke was my arm in a roller blading accident.  It wasn’t bad, just a hairline fracture.  In my adult life it seems to be the toes.

I have broken my baby toes (the fifth toe) on each foot multiple time to the extent that I can deal with them fairly easily.  To say I am clumsy is an understatement.  My sister once claimed to me that I needed “to wear toe protectors around the house” in which I replied, “there called SHOES”.  

Last night while walking around the house, in the dark without my “toe protectors” on, I tripped over a laundry basket and broke the fourth and fifth toes on my left foot.  My toes actually went inside the holes of the basket.  

Every time I break them I will do a mental checklist of all the things I can’t do until they heal. Let’s see there is running and …  That’s all I got.  

Good thing I hate running. 


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