Mint Julep Masque

Made by Queen Helene.  Complexion Solution Deeply Cleans & Refreshes.  Oily and Acne Prone Skin.  8 oz tube. Image

I was in Kroger the other day looking for a new face mask and found this beauty.  I have tried several in the past: cucumber peel, charcoal masks, etc…

After washing my face thoroughly, I applied the thick green paste to my whole face and jaw line.  Right away I felt a tingling sensation all over, like I could feel my pores getting smaller the longer it was on.

After about 10-15 minutes to dry I started washing it away.  I recommend using a washcloth instead of just your palms as it does get slippery.   Once all mask residue was washed away I could see a difference in my pores and I could still feel the mint tingling. It was quite refreshing.  My face was red from the rough texture of the cloth I used but otherwise was very smooth.

Overall super happy with this product and will be using it in the future.  I recommend this to anyone with oily or acne prone skin. Of course with trying new products, also test them out in a small area first to check for a reaction.  Everyone is unique.


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