Game of Thrones: Book vs Show S1E3

Season 1, Episode 3: Lord Snow
First Aired: May 1, 2011
This is not a summary of the show and/or book but a comparison to see how the books were written verse how they are portrayed in the show.

Changes to the story:

  1. Jaime is waiting for Ned in the throne room.  They talk about Ned’s father and brother who were murdered by the Mad King.  Ned tells Jaime that he served him well when it is safe.
  2. The Queen bandages up Joffrey’s arm and tells him that “someday you will sit on the throne and the truth will be what you make it”.  This points that the way Joffrey is brought up and why he acts the way he does, a spoiled brat.  She then asks him what would he do if he were King. His responds is that he would double taxes and build an army.  He would also take Winterfell and put in someone loyal to the crown.  Cersei informs him that the north can never be held by and outsider.
  3. Ned gets a raven from Winterfell about Bran.
  4. Jaime and Cersie talk about Bran.  Shows that they still have ears at Winterfell.  Jaime says that if Bran talks he will kill him.
  5. The King talks about his first kill. When Jaime is asked to join the conversation he tells of his first kill and what the Mad King’s last words were, “Burn them all.”
  6. Benjen is still at the wall after the news of Bran.  By this time in the book he has already be reported missing from his ranging duties.
  7. It is revealed that Jorah’s father is still alive.
Key scenes missing from the Show:
  1. Just as a little back history. The wall is older than the 7 Kingdoms. There are 3 strongholds still being used at the wall; Castle Black, Eastwatch and Shadow Tower. This is not needed at this time in the story but is just nice to help set the scene.
  2. Arya gets sent to her room, Sansa is quick to follow before either learn of the tourney.
  3. Ned tells Arya that she has “the wolf blood” just like her Uncle Brandon and Aunt Lyanna causing both of their early deaths.  Could this be a clue as to what will happen to Arya later in the show?
  4. Maester Aemon tells Tyrion Lannister that he is “a giant come among us, here at the end of the world.”
  5. Because Benjen has only just left in the show, Jon Snow never tells Tyrion that if he doesn’t come back soon that he and Ghost will go after him showing just how naïve he really is.
  6. Just as a little back history.  Old Nan was the wet nurse to Brandon Stark, Bran’s Great Uncle (Grandfather’s Brother).  She is very old that all of her children have lived and died.  This may not be a big thing because it was not used in the show but I wonder if she is someone or something else to have lived this long.

There are other missing scenes but are not critical to the flow of the story.

This episode includes the chapters Catelyn IV, Jon III, Eddard IV, Tyrion III, Arya II, Daenerys III, and Bran IV (Chapters 18-24) from the book Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. Point of views have been swapped around in the timeline of the show.

I am using a guide to help determine which chapters to stop at for this blog as I don’t want to read too far ahead.  You can find the guide I am using at Chapter Guide.

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