Game of Thrones: Book vs Show S1E4

Season 1, Episode 4: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things
First Aired: May 8, 2011
This is not a summary of the show and/or book but a comparison to see how the books were written verse how they are portrayed in the show.

Changes to the story:

  1. Bran’s dream of the three eyes crow.
  2. Jorah reveals that his wife is with another man.  If this is such a big deal to put in the show then why is it not in the book?
  3. Viserys describes the dragon skulls at the Red Keep to Dany’s servant/his whore.
  4. Sansa is shown the iron throne and claims she is still mad at her father.  This is the first look at the iron throne.
  5. Ned Stark’s man comes to deliver a message to Robert but finds Jaime Lannister waiting outside the door listening to Robert and his whores.  He walks away without delivering his message.  Could this have contained infomation about his bastard?
  6. Jon and Sam talk about being virgins.  Jon explains that he doesn’t know his mother and that she could be a whore.
  7. Littlefinger explains the story to Sansa about the Hound scars.  Instead, in the book the Hound recounts what happened to Sansa and she starts to feel differently for him.  Compassion instead of fear.
  8. The queen visits Ned Stark.  It was extreme to ask that Lady, Sansa’s dire wolf, be killed. She then asks why he took Robert offer becaus all he would do would be to pick up the pieces after Robert did what he wanted.  Ned responded the he was trained to hill his enemies, the Queen said so was she.
Key scenes missing from the Show:
  1. Bran’s predictions that the children of the forest will help Uncle Benjen.
  2. Jon telling Sam he dreams of the crypts at Winterfell and how he screams that he is not a Stark but continues downwards into the dark until he awakens.
  3. Jon Arryn and Stannis Baratheon used to visit a brothel.  Was there another reason other than the normal reason to do this?
  4. The feast after the tourney day in which Joffrey showers Sansa with attention.
  5. Jorah explains to Dany that Drogo thinks of her as a gift in which one should be given in return.  However, you do not demand a gift especially from a Khal.

There are other missing scenes but are not critical to the flow of the story.

Other information:  We are introduced to Samwell Tarly, who is 15 years old in the book but 18 in the show.

This episode includes the chapters Bran IV, Eddard V, Jon IV, Eddard VI, Catelyn V, Sansa II, Daenerys IV (Chapters 24-29 & 36) from the book Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. Point of views have been swapped around in the timeline of the show.

I am using a guide to help determine which chapters to stop at for this blog as I don’t want to read too far ahead.  You can find the guide I am using at Chapter Guide.

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