Weird Couple’s Conversations 

My husband and I very rarely enjoy a night out with just the two of us.  Our 10 year old son is on vacation with his grandparents for the month of July so I thought we would treat ourselves to a night out. And this is how I let him know of my plans.
Wife: We are going out to eat tonight.

Husband: With who? (He looks puzzled already)

Wife: With Me!  Who did you think was going?  I mean it’s not like we have many friends.

Husband: I didn’t know if you have met someone new.

Wife: Where would l meet someone new that I would like to take to dinner?

Husband: I don’t know, just out and about.

Wife: Who would I meet anyways? What, like my next husband?  

Husband: Maybe. (Now he is laughing)

Wife:  Like a vetting process?

Husband: Perhaps.
I’m not quite sure what he was thinking but the fact that after this many years we can still joke and have a good time is a blessing. Most people wouldn’t get our humor. 


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