7 Theories for GoT Season 7

There are many theories floating out there and now is the time to place your bets on the ones that will come to pass. Here are my top 7 theories for the current season of Game of Thrones.

1. Bran let’s the Night’s King past the Wall.

During season six, we saw the Night’s King enter the Three-Eyed Raven’s home. He was unable to do so beforehand because of a magical barrier/spell — this was broken once Bran was marked in a vision/dream. The Wall has a similar enchantment. Since Bran has traveled beyond  The Wall in the first episode of season 7 still marked, that will surely break the spell and give the Night’s King a way out of the north.  Get ready for a battle.

2. Gentry Returns

Silence has been a deafening thing when it comes to Gentry.  By mid-season he will be in Winterfell helping Jon and the others.  He knows who is father is, Robert Baratheon.  He will find out who his mother is when they meet on the battlefield in season 8.

4. Littlefinger dies

Littlefinger has told Sansa his dream; ruler of the Iron Throne with her by his side.  Now he will take steps to undermine Jon’s position as King of the North so that Sansa can be seen as the true ruler of Winterfell and the North.   This will lead Sansa herself to kill Littlefinger.

5. Nymeria Returns

Due to season 8 only lasting half a season, I predict that Arya will have need of Nymeria and her return will happen before season 7 ends.  While traveling on Kingsroad, Nymeria will remind Arya that she is a Stark and Stark’s are made for the north.  Both will then return home to Winterfell.

6. Sansa betrays Jon

Both characters have become strong leaders but don’t see eye to eye on all things.  As tensions mount and Cersei moves towards the Wall, Sansa will take matters into her own hands when Jon doesn’t take Cersei’s threats as personally causing Jon to fight two battles at the same time, Cersei and the Night’s King.

7. Jon’s true name will be revealed 

Bastards cannot inherit titles or lands.  Jon has proved by his actions that he is the true King of the North but how will he win support to finally end Cersei?  His name. He is after all a Targaryen. 
What are your Game of Thrones Season 7 predictions?


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