Perfect Halloween Costume

Does everyone else have as much problem choosing their children’s Halloween costume as I do? When they reach a certain age I feel like they don’t appreciate what Halloween once was to them.

So we stopped by our local Dollar General in search of a few craft pieces I needed to finish a project. As I turned around to go back down an aisle THIS is what I saw.

Too bad they can’t wear masks at school or I would have bought it on the spot.


School Bus Aide

I always said bus drivers were crazy. My best friend is an Elementary school bus driver. So maybe I like crazy.

After multiple issues on her bus she was able to convince the transportation director that a aide for non special educational buses was a must and that I was the person to do it. So in return, she made me crazy too.

I now am the only bus aide in our county that rides on a regular bus. We have children ages 4-11 that can cause havoc without the right kind of discipline. I am moved from bus to bus in what appears to be a babysitter/mother/teacher/referee/angry eyed woman/nurse kind of job.

There are times that I love my job and times that I just want to knock some sense into a student. I don’t know how a bus driver does everything I do as well as drives. Or how a teacher goes to school for many years knowing what they are getting themselves into.

Everyday I am thankfully reminded why I decided to only have one child!👪

Mom #winning

Every morning I go into my son’s room to wake him up. In the process his blind dog never fails to hear me and jumps up because he knows he is going outside.

This morning I silently crept into his room without the dog noticing. I woke up my son and told him that he needed to walk the dog. My son proceeded to get an attitude saying “I Know!”.

What did I do next, you ask? I “kindly” spoke up and said, “don’t forget to walk the dog” while closing the door. The dog immediately got up and came to the door of his room.

In turn instead of getting up slowly, my son had to get out of bed right then to walk the dog. Priceless.

Attitude are for the dogs!! 🐕

Week 7 UGA Predictions

The University of Georgia train hasn’t started slowing down yet. This week the Dawgs are matched up against Missouri at home.

Missouri has a record of 1-4 while #4 Georgia is still undefeated at 6-0.

The only win for the Tigers this year has been at home followed by 3 home game losses and 1 away game loss. Showing improvement during the Kentucky game last week after a week off has the Dawgs considering a tuff fight ahead of them.

Dawgs fans were overjoyed with the first win of the season against Notre Dame who they haven’t played since 1980 when Georgia won their last National Championship. Since then they have improved week after week behind quarterback Fromm.

In the last 6 years of playing against each other, Georgia hold 5 wins over Mizzou. To say the odds are in their favor would be obvious. 96% predictions on Georgia to win.

Score Predictions: UGA 34-14