School Bus Aide

I always said bus drivers were crazy. My best friend is an Elementary school bus driver. So maybe I like crazy.

After multiple issues on her bus she was able to convince the transportation director that a aide for non special educational buses was a must and that I was the person to do it. So in return, she made me crazy too.

I now am the only bus aide in our county that rides on a regular bus. We have children ages 4-11 that can cause havoc without the right kind of discipline. I am moved from bus to bus in what appears to be a babysitter/mother/teacher/referee/angry eyed woman/nurse kind of job.

There are times that I love my job and times that I just want to knock some sense into a student. I don’t know how a bus driver does everything I do as well as drives. Or how a teacher goes to school for many years knowing what they are getting themselves into.

Everyday I am thankfully reminded why I decided to only have one child!👪


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